Do You Know the Advantages and Fuctions of the Locking Assembly?

Locking assembly is a part, used to connected the driving shaft and the driven shaft in two different mechanisms. When connected by the locking assembly, the two shafts can work together with the same speed and the same direction.

There is no key way on the locking assembly. The locking assembly relies on pressure and friction to transmit the load.

The locking assembly type are from Z1 to Z22. There are different sizes. You can choose the locking assembly inner hole according to your shaft diameter and the torque.

The locking assembly material is 40Cr or 45 steel with heat treatment.

So what are the advantages of the locking assembly?

1. Locking assembly has a long service time. Locking assembly has high strength. Locking assembly relies on friction to transfer the power. There is no relative motion when it is working, so there will not abrasion. That is why locking assembly can serve long time.

2. It is easy to take the shaft and the locking assembly apart.

3. Locking assembly can withstand multiple loads. And there are many kinds of locking assemblies.