How to Choose a Conveyor Roller

Qingdao East Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd can process a lot kinds of conveyor roller. We design more than 1000 kinds conveyor rollers. Our design department and professional logistics experts can service you for your special work needs at any time.

You should choose the stainless steel roller tube and the stainless steel core shaft in the humid area or the acid and alkali corrosion environment. We can also provide special design of roller, for example, the surface natural rubber.

If you choose a conveying roller of plastic rigid chain, the delivery device will run very smoothly and quietly.

If required items in the transmission line stop or deposit and running resistance is not significantly increased in the case of the normal operation of the conveying drive device, you should choose stacking conveyor rollers.

Taper roller are mostly used in arc segments, tapered roller can ensure the smooth delivery of objects in a circular arc section of the.

Timing belt wheel conveyor rollers are widely used in rubber industry.