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The production requirement of rollers

1.       Roller should have sufficient rigidity to ensure that under heavy load, bending does not exceed the allowable value.

2.       Roller surface should have sufficient hardness; generally require more than HRC50 degree, with strong corrosion resistance. Electrodeposited coating with anti-peeling ability to ensure that the working surface of the roller with good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

3.       The roller's working surface should be fine processing, in order to ensure the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness. Roughness should above Ra0.16; there can not stomata or grooves. Wall thickness of the rollers working surface should be uniform; otherwise, the temperature of the roller surface is not uniform, affecting product quality.

4.       Roller's material should have good thermal conductivity, usually adopt chilled cast iron, Special circumstances use cast steel or chrome molybdenum alloy steel, whether heating or cooling, were able to achieve rapid and uniform.